The Nokia E75 has just Hit the Market

The Nokia E75 has just hit the market and in my country the phone costs 448,99€. On the Nokia online shop you can preorder the phone at a price of £379.00.Contrary to my expectations the phone has been brought by Vodafone. I for one thought that with the deal between Nokia&Orange for Nokia Messaging it would for sure be an Orange phone. But until now no news about the email service or the phone being available in Romania.

A1 has bought the rights to Nokia messaging for Austria, I wonder if Orange only had a contract for France and England. Althought, they said that they will hit the major markets by the end of the year. Untill now, no further news. And because of the near release of the N97, people have shift their focus from this phone.
Even Nokia has yet to release a commercial or anything about the E75 in my country. I mean its been available for almost a month and still nothing. Are they waiting for the Nokia Messaging rights to launch it along with the phone or was it released to soon after the E71. Or, perhaps it is because it was released right around the time the N97 is about to go public.
Although, Nokia has been focusing its attention on developing the messaging system and the E75 is their priority for that segment. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see if the E75 was a flop or a success.

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samsung vs apple

SAMSUNG VS APPLE : Phone Quality

Which is which? Are you a Samsung user or an iPhone user? If both then let’s differentiate the 2 leading brands all over the world.


When it comes to battery life, Samsung can beat iPhone. Their premium phones can last longer than those phones from Apple. It was proven by They compared the battery life of Samsung over iPhone and HTC.


When it comes to functionalities, Samsung have made waterproof smartphones while Apple has their retina camera. Both are durable and best when it comes to quality. It will depend on how users use their phones.


How about the design? Overall, iPhone looks sleek, premium and elite. The vote will go to Apple.…


As the advancement of technology keeps taking its place in humanity, people tend to get over-whelmed of the things technology has to offer. Android is one of the positive advancement here in the Earth. Did you know that there are android applications that are helpful to you? Here are the following android applications that you think don’t exist.

Wi-Fi Hacker

There is this Wi-Fi hacker uploaded in play store. Good news to those android users. This application lets users connect to other Wi-Fi connections even if they don’t know what the password is. This app will help you find a way around to connect to the said Wi-Fi. Yes it exists. The challenged is for you to find it out.

Math Tricks

Are you having trouble on your math subject? Trouble no more my friend. Play store has a bunch of applications that is beneficial to its users. There is this android mobile application that lets you understand math in a very friendly and easy way. It will give you tricks how to answer your math problems faster. How cool is that?

HR Interview

Interviews will disturb those sleeping butterflies in your stomach. This is possible mostly to new job applicants and job hunters that will encounter their first job interview. You will feel crazy about the idea of being questioned by the Human Resource Personnel but that is not the end of the world. Save yourself. Practice the possible answers to the possible questions. There are tons of applications being uploaded in the play store. Go find them and try them out.…