The Nokia E75 has just hit the market and in my country the phone costs 448,99€. On the Nokia online shop you can preorder the phone at a price of £379.00. Contrary to my expectations the phone has been brought by Vodafone. I for one thought that with the deal between Nokia&Orange for Nokia Messaging it would for sure be an Orange phone. But until now no news about the email service or the phone is available in Romania.  — Discover the best acne solution foundation here.

A1 has bought the rights to Nokia messaging for Austria, I wonder if Orange only had a contract for France and England. Althought, they said that they will hit the major markets by the end of the year. Untill now, no further news. And because of the near release of the N97, people have shift their focus from this phone.

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Even Nokia has yet to release a commercial or anything about the E75 in my country. I mean its been available for almost a month and still nothing. Are they waiting for the Nokia Messaging rights to launch it along with the phone or was it released to soon after the E71. Or, perhaps it is because it was released right around the time the N97 is about to go public.

Although, Nokia has been focusing its attention on developing the messaging system and the E75 is their priority for that segment. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see if the E75 was a flop or a success.


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