As the advancement of technology keeps taking its place in humanity, people tend to get over-whelmed of the things technology has to offer. Android is one of the positive advancement here in the Earth. Did you know that there are android applications that are helpful to you? Here are the following android applications that you think don’t exist.

Wi-Fi Hacker

There is this Wi-Fi hacker uploaded in play store. Good news to those android users. This application lets users connect to other Wi-Fi connections even if they don’t know what the password is. This app will help you find a way around to connect to the said Wi-Fi. Yes it exists. The challenged is for you to find it out.

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Math Tricks

Are you having trouble on your math subject? Trouble no more my friend. Play store has a bunch of applications that is beneficial to its users. There is this android mobile application that lets you understand math in a very friendly and easy way. It will give you tricks on how to answer your math problems faster like  how you treat acne at home. How cool is that?

HR Interview

Interviews will disturb those sleeping butterflies in your stomach. This is possible mostly to new job applicants and job hunters that will encounter their first job interview. You will feel crazy about the idea of being questioned by the Human Resource Personnel but that is not the end of the world. Save yourself. Practice the possible answers to the possible questions. There are tons of applications being uploaded in the play store. Go find them and try them out.

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